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Over the last two decades, we have had the privilege of partnering with many of the most revered companies across the health ecosystem to envision possibilities, activate their people, execute with excellence, and achieve breakthroughs.

We Have Unparalleled Access to Best-in-Class Faculty Across the Globe

Our consultants, facilitators, and coaches possess deep expertise across the payer, provider, and pharmaceutical sectors. They understand the unique challenges inherent in these industries and leverage their comprehensive knowledge of the health ecosystem and talent development to deliver optimal solutions tailored to your organization's needs.

Decades of experience coaching and consulting C-suite executives, teams, and boards in healthcare.

Coaches trained by recognized bodies, accreditation aligned with International Coach Federation standards.

Majority of faculty hold PhDs, MPHs, MBAs, MDs, ensuring high expertise in coaching and consulting.

Demonstrated success in driving growth and enhancing performance with tangible returns on investment.

An active coaching community to keep ourselves at our own learning edge.

Team certified in assessments, coaching, speaking, and facilitation, ensuring top-tier proficiency.

We've Delivered Amazing ROI for Clients
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The rapidly changing landscape of today’s healthcare system is causing major disruption across the provider space.

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Challenging consumer and payer demands requires a new breed of executive and scientific leaders  in pharma. 

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Health insurers must innovate with life science leaders and providers to develop payment models that put consumers first.

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Policy Makers

Policy makers and professional organizations play a critical role in driving change throughout the health ecosystem

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We Exist to Help Leaders Soar

“There is always uncertainty when a new leader joins a pre-existing team. Both the leader and his or her new team members want to make a strong first impression, set expectations for each other, develop a routine for how they’ll work together, and so on. TLD Group’s new leader integration process ensures that time is dedicated to the team's needs and the new leader's needs.”

NY Pres


Andrea Procaccino
Chief Learning Officer, New York Presbyterian Health

“I have worked with TLD Group for many years supporting executive coaching engagements and onboarding programs for leaders at Sanofi. Their coaching cadre is exceptional, and their client relationship team takes the time and effort to identify coaches that meet the business need of our senior leaders.”



Christine Vaccola
Head of Global Talent, Executive at Sanofi

It’s been said that the best gifts are those you don’t expect. There’s no better example than the results of my work with The Leadership Development Group. Candidly, I expected the usual formulaic inventory of strengths and weaknesses. I received a lesson in the practical application of perception in the workplace, and how insightful coaching can open doors to new ways of approaching situations and communicating more effectively. I’m a believer and I heartily recommend TLD Group.

Atlantic Health System-1

Joseph DiPaolo, FACHE
President at the Western Region of Atlantic Health System

As a result of working with TLD Group, our overall Press Ganey physician ratings increased from the 30th to the 66th percentile. In reflection, the group work and team projects were brilliant in that they embedded the leadership skills into small groups which helped move the culture of the organization much faster than “just attending class.” As a physician, we often have ideas, but we don’t have the tools to integrate and participate in the organization. This experience was very eye-opening and impactful to our physicians.

Palomar Health-1

Duane Buringrud, MD
Chief Physician Leadership Officer at Palomar Health

I was very impressed by the level of engagement and commitment of our leaders during our work with TLD Group. The program mobilized leaders to have a more system-wide view, work to solve high priority system issues, and obtain input and buy-in from key stakeholders. The program has set the stage for stronger administration/physician leader collaboration going forward.

US Dept of VA

David Shulkin, MD
Former US Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs and President of Morristown Medical Center

One of my favorite experiences during the Academy has been the ability to work with a phenomenal team that I may not have otherwise had the opportunity to collaborate with. Time spent learning about yourself, learning about clinical leadership, learning about the issues that are impacting physicians today, and developing relationships with your colleagues and administration, is a win-win from all perspectives.

Tower Health-1

Vinit Shah, DO
Chief of Palliative Medicine, Tower Health

With the help of The Leadership Development Group, we were able to shift from a reactive succession planning process (replacement-focused) to a proactive, future-oriented process with the intent to build a pool of leaders who have new future-oriented competencies to lead the organization in any job.  We are thoughtfully building our talent to be positioned for future success.

New Jewish Home copy

Audrey Weiner, PhD
President and CEO at The New Jewish Home

TLD Group grasps the strategic talent management issues and priorities facing an organization.  The faculty possesses excellent diagnosticians and coaches/consultants who have the requisite commercial sagacity that truly differentiates them among other consulting firms. I recommend TLD Group without reservation.


Edmund B. Piccolino, PhD
Chairman of Blue Man Productions, Inc. and Vice Chairman of MHW, Inc.

Working through tension points to align on interests takes quite a bit of discussion… You have to dig deeper than the “what” to discover the reasons that are aligned. It is only then that parties can work to find a solution that’s mutually beneficial… which can only occur when there’s mutual respect, transparency, authenticity, willingness to listen, and a bit of humility.

Kaiser Permanente

Roland Lyon, MD
President of Kaiser Permanente Colorado

The healthcare system is under a period of dynamic change where issues of affordability, cost, and value are rising to the forefront… The solution in many respects is innovative biopharmaceuticals. But too often we’re seen as the problem, and so we have to change the conversation… to get that done we have to become an integrated, collaborative partner in this health ecosystem.


Josh Ofman, MD
Former SVP of Global Value, Access, and Policy at Amgen

We need many more people with the ability to foster cross-sector collaboration. This is a skill set that can be developed. The reason these leadership skill sets are so important is because once you create an understanding and accurate perceptions, a lot of the resistance barriers dissipate quickly. I would say that we would all make progress if we had more people who had the skills and capabilities to reach across sectors and put themselves in the other side’s shoes


David Carmouche, MD
President at Ochsner Health Network, SVP, Ochsner Health System

Gaining buy-in from stakeholders is really all about making sure their concerns are heard and addressed. Do that and you’ll alleviate a lot of tensions

Palomar Health-1

Bob Hemker
Previous President and CEO at Palomar Health

In finding collaborative solutions with diverse companies, we must embrace that while our respective companies may differ on some issues, we clearly share common ground on other issues…

GSK copy

Tanisha Carino, PhD
Former VP of US Public Policy at GlaxoSmithKline

All players in the ecosystem share the goal of providing higher quality, more accessible, more affordable care to the people we serve… Unless we begin to see partnerships with shared accountability and coordination of functions across the various players, we’re not going to advance to the next level. It’s time for a new model


Craig Samitt, MD, MBA
CEO of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota

When you bring together two large organizations around a common mission, it takes a lot of time to truly grasp the concept and understand what each organization is going to bring to the table. It’s an arduous process where every area of the organization is involved in the discussion


Mohamed Diab, MD
Former VP of Provider Transformation at Aetna

The problems facing the health industry today are far too complex and wide-ranging for any one sector to solve independently… the solutions needed to change healthcare and health outcomes significantly start with the leaders who embody a clear vision and who demonstrate the skills required to work collaboratively across multiple and disparate sectors in the industry

Institute for InterGroup Understanding

George Halvorson, PhD
Chairman and CEO, Institute for Intergroup Understanding

Even if the system will never have a single blueprint to guide it forward, leaders do have access to a formula that works. The healthcare ecosystem leadership model is such a formula, and the leaders who adopt it with passionate intent will be poised to address both the challenges and the opportunities of teaming across sectors to transform healthcare.


Amy Edmondson, PhD
Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School

Driving value is not just a tagline- it’s an actionable event. By transforming ourselves, we transform others, taking the well-being of our nation seriously.

Central Oregon Health Council

Donna Mills
Executive Director at Central Oregon Health Council

Learning leaders take the time to consider what worked, what didn’t work, and how they can take what they’ve learned from the experience and try something different. Developing leaders with this capacity should be on the forefront of our attention


Matthew Guy
Senior Project Consultant Rethink Health

I learned much from TLD Group’s very talented panel of speakers, which included nationally renowned authors, professors, and thought leaders like Carrie Kish, PhD, Dave Logan, PhD, Drew Lawson, MD, Steve Beeson, MD, and Amy Edmondson, Ph.D.


Sandra Murray, PhD
Chief Learning Officer, CommonSpirit

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