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"My TLD Group coach helped give me the confidence to speak up. She helped me recognize, through our conversations, where I could be more assertive, recognizing the impact of what I was doing, and changing my behavior. Recognizing this from outside, and thinking through my impact on others, was very helpful. Me being helpful to others – yes, I can do this, but not to the point where I am addressing others’ priorities instead of my own. My coach helped me to realize this.”


Christine Vaccola
Head of Global Talent, Executive at Sanofi

"It’s been said that the best gifts are those you don’t expect. There’s no better example than the results of my work with The Leadership Development Group. Candidly, I expected something expected; the usual formulaic inventory of strengths and weaknesses. I received a lesson in the practical application of perception in the workplace, and how insightful coaching can open doors to new ways of approaching situations and communicating more effectively. I’m a believer and I heartily recommend Tracy and her team.”

Atlantic Health System-1

Joseph DiPaolo, FACHE
President at Western Region of Atlantic Health System

"I found my coaching to be an immensely valuable experience, and would highly recommend it to others. I learned helpful techniques to help navigate complex situations and I learned to better understand other people’s motivations. Additionally, I learned to level set and make sure everyone understood the information before discussing solutions. Lastly, I learned a lot about myself, what drives me, what my values are, how I show up and why. I am a better leader today because of this program. I am also a better person – more self-aware and with a deeper understanding of what drives my viewpoints. I had a terrific coach, and I will be forever grateful for his guidance and support."


Jeff Bornstein
Deputy Head of Clinical Sciences, Gastroenterology at Takeda

"My coach was extremely helpful with looking at things from different perspectives. Moreover, she provided the insight and wisdom to remind me to be mindful, not reactionary. She helped me to think certain situations through. I felt at ease and very open with my coach. I chose my coach because I felt she possessed professional integrity; that was the right call."

Yale copy

Diane Kelly
Executive Vice President, Yale New Haven Health

“I really can't speak highly enough about my TLD Group coach, Fredia, --the development plan I developed with her guidance was exactly what I needed to envision where I wanted to be in a year (which was daunting--and then get there (which made it seem completely doable). I feel invigorated in my career and incredibly committed to my team and our enterprise. In addition to our check-ins on my plan, we discuss various challenges in depth, and how to broaden new opportunities. She's someone I can "run something by" and who's also willing to roll up her sleeves and work with me to better communicate my ideas. For example, we worked together on an approach to developing metrics for a series of new processes. When I presented the approach and presentation to my team of peers and senior leaders, they were 'wowed'! They mentioned it over and over at subsequent meetings. I've always encouraged coaching--I'm now a huge fan.”


Julie H.
VP and Head, Clinical Sciences, Hematology, Takeda Pharmaceuticals
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Executive coaching enhances leadership performance and onboarding success. Our assessment and coaching programs are highly predictive of future success. Grounded in best practice methodologies and customized to meet the needs of the client and organization, our coaching is conducted within the context of the leader’s current and desired future roles and the organization’s strategy and cultural norms.

Why Choose an Executive Coach From TLD Group?

  • We Understand the Challenges. With a depth of expertise in the payer, provider, pharmaceutical, and policy maker sectors, our coaches truly understand the unique challenges facing senior executives and medical and scientific leaders across the health ecosystem.

  • Focus on Results. We use reliable, objective assessment methodologies that are highly predictive of future performance.

  • Customized and Contextual Coaching. We partner with our clients and coaches to ensure the coaching engagement fits within the organizational context.

  • Coach-Client Fit. Working with the right coach is a critical success factor. Our highly seasoned coaches have deep expertise across the health industry, many of whom have held similar positions as those they coach.

  • Alignment on Goals. We include input from key stakeholders in coaching to obtain diverse perspectives and alignment on goals. 

Our Executive Coaching Services

Executive Coaching

We offer coaching programs for senior leaders to accelerate individual, team, and business performance. Our mission is to support an organization’s ability to transform strategy into reality.

Physician and Nurse Leadership Coaching

Our cadre of physician and nurse coaches offers guidance and advisory coaching to enable clients to lead more effectively and become change agents in their organizations.

Advisory Coaching

Our advisory coaches include many former corporate CEOs and C-level leaders who act as objective, supportive and trusted advisors to executive leaders.

New Leader Assimilation

Our new leader assimilation focuses on rapidly executing strategies for effective integration, building relationships with key stakeholders, and creating early impact.

Group Coaching

Our team coaching is designed to enhance the interconnectedness of individual leaders in service of the team’s shared goals and priorities. 

On-Demand Coaching

Our specially curated global cadre works to support leaders through change and disruption when they need it most. Available on a per session basis.

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Setting Boundaries and Building Accountability

Influencing without Formal Authority

Coaching to Enhance Emotional Awareness and Self-Regulation

Coaching for Team Success

Overcoming Negativity and Stress


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Executive Coaching

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