Our Leadership Model

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Health Ecosystem Leadership Model 

Dedicated to creating high-performing leaders across the health industry, TLD Group’s research team created the Health Ecosystem Leadership Model (HELM) to guide our leadership development work with executives, clinicians, teams, and organizations.  

health ecosystem leadership model


HELM™ offers a framework for how leaders can generate cross-sector solutions to the healthcare industry’s most pressing needs and is geared around the following capabilities:

Envision the Future

First and foremost, leaders must have a clear vision of the direction their organization is heading and what it hopes to achieve. Then, they can begin to generate ideas about how collaborating with organizations from other sectors can contribute to achieving that vision. Thinking with an ecosystem view allows leaders to generate solutions they may not have otherwise considered.

Align Stakeholders

As organizations bring stakeholders from other sectors into the conversation, leaders must allow these stakeholders to build on their original vision and incorporate their inputs and interests to develop a shared solution. This way, the stakeholders will feel a sense of ownership regarding the solution. Throughout the conversation, it is important to develop a relationship built on trust, respect, and open dialogue, without which there would be much tension and resistance to moving forward.

Manage Boundaries
and Obstacles

Along the way toward developing collaborative solutions, the partnership will likely be faced with some bumps along the road. To overcome these obstacles, it’s important that leaders focus on opportunity, and remind themselves as to why the partnership was developed in the first place. This may lead to difficult conversations, but in having these conversations the stakeholders can resolve points of tension, clarify roles, and re-align on ways the respective organizations can interface effectively.

Act and Learn
Of course, leaders must take steps toward advancing the shared vision that was created at the onset of the collaboration, which may require acting under uncertain conditions. It is critical to be open to giving and receiving feedback in the interest of evolving that vision to the benefit of all parties.


Why Our Health Ecosystem Leadership Model?

The complexity of leading within the health industry continues to grow. Developing strategies to enhance the customer experience, reduce the total cost of care, optimize value-based payment models, enhance coverage and access, and improve population health for all groups are widely recognized needs. These complex challenges require innovative solutions that span many sectors of the health ecosystem. Effective and unique collaborations across sectors will be the key to success. These collaborations will bring together groups that are diverse in mission, vision, values, purpose, perspectives, culture, and expertise.
  • Our model takes a strategic approach. Our health industry focus enables us to recognize what separates success from derailment for leaders in any role, function, or sector within the industry.

  • Our support goes beyond assessment. We offer individuals feedback sessions and development planning, as well as ongoing support, coaching, and development.

  • Our HELM solutions are flexible. Our clients can tailor our research‐based content to their organization’s business, its needs, and its culture.

  • Our HELM Value. Companies that use The Leadership Development Group’s HELM assessment tools during the assessment, selection, and development process reap the rewards of collaborative leadership.

Our Assessments

Assessments are a fundamental tool we use to help our clients uncover new ways to communicate, collaborate and resolve conflict. They provide an objective, common language that every member of a team can work from as a baseline when interacting and reacting with one another.

Our proven methods for measuring HELM leader performance, potential, readiness, and fit enables organizations in the health industry to make strategic assessment, development, selection, and promotion decisions with more confidence than ever before.

Self Assessment

Our HELM self assessment process combines rigorous scientific assessment and the art of experienced insight to help identify and develop health ecosystem leadership skills.

360 Assessment

Leadership success requires the right mix of talents, behaviors, interests, and experiences. Our HELM 360 Leadership Assessment helps leaders discover new ways to communicate, collaborate, and resolve conflict.

We are pleased to share our HELM resources, research insights, and thought leadership from experts across the ecosystem.