Policy Maker Sector

“Driving value is not just a tagline- it’s an actionable event. By transforming ourselves, we transform others, taking the well-being of our nation seriously.”

Central Oregon Health Council

Donna Mills
Executive Director, Central Oregon Health Council

“Even if the system will never have a single blueprint to guide it forward, leaders do have access to a formula that works. The healthcare ecosystem leadership model is such a formula, and the leaders who adopt it with passionate intent will be poised to address both the challenges and the opportunities of teaming across sectors to transform healthcare.”


Amy Edmondson, PhD.
Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management, Harvard Business School

“The problems facing the health industry today are far too complex and wide-ranging for any one sector to solve independently… the solutions needed to change healthcare and health outcomes significantly start with the leaders who embody a clear vision and who demonstrate the skills required to work collaboratively across multiple and disparate sectors in the industry”

Institute for InterGroup Understanding

George Halvorson, PhD.
Chairman and CEO, Institute for Intergroup Understanding

“For collaboration to be successful, first you must show people that you care about them. When people come from different perspectives or vantage points, they are often siloed and come to the table with certain notions and patterns of thinking. If you’re able to demonstrate that you care about them and the way they approach the issue, then walls start to breakdown, trust builds, and you can have an honest and transparent dialog… Building that foundation of trust where the stakeholders show they care for each other and are not dismissive of each other is critical”

US Dept of VA

Poonam Alaigh, MD, MSHCPM, FACP
former undersecretary for the US Dept of Veteran Affairs

“Learning leaders take the time to consider what worked, what didn’t work, and how they can take what they’ve learned from the experience and try something different. Developing leaders with this capacity should be on the forefront of our attention”


Matthew Guy
Senior Project Consultant Rethink Health
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    We Understand Your Healthcare Leadership Challenges

    Professional organizations and associations in healthcare are critical for generating the energy, flow of ideas, and proactive work needed to impact policy, advocate for the needs of the populations they serve, and create change. Leaders responsible for setting and governing healthcare policy face unique challenges in leadership as they must balance the often-conflicting demands of regulation, quality, cost, safety, and consumerism. We work with policy makers and associations to design leadership development programs customized to meet their specific needs and drive the organizational performance necessary to get complex tasks across the finish line. Chat with us today to learn more about our leadership training solutions in the policy maker sector.

    Healthcare Leadership Training in the Policy Sector


    Coaching for Policy Makers

    Customized assessment and coaching programs are designed to have a significant impact on leadership performance, executive selection, onboarding, and succession management. At TLD Group we use reliable, objective methodologies that are highly predictive of future performance, including a variety of proven psychometric tests and tools that have been well validated for the purpose of assessment. 

    Consulting for Policy Makers

    TLD Group’s Consulting Solutions include strategic succession management, team acceleration, and talent development consulting. Working with our highly experienced cadre of organizational development consultants with deep expertise in the design and deployment of innovative solutions, our clients are able to identify future leaders, reliably evaluate skills and competencies, swiftly develop requisite leadership skills, and establish priorities for individual, team, and organizational development.

    Leadership Academies for Policy Makers

    TLD Group has developed a unique approach to group leadership programs based upon our multi-faceted development philosophy which incorporates interactive classroom training, individual assessment and coaching, and on-the-job action learning projects. Our large scale leadership programs are designed for specific leadership cohorts (such as emerging leaders, leaders of leaders, dyad leaders, physician leaders, board members, etc.).

    Speakers Bureau for Policy Makers

    The Leadership Development Group’s Speakers Bureau is comprised of our esteemed faculty of academicians, leading physician and healthcare executives, and motivational speakers who custom design and expertly deliver leading insights and cutting edge learning sessions. Our faculty contributes thought-provoking content, encourages participation, and helps to build consensus. Whether you are planning a keynote address, a one-day seminar, a multi-day board retreat, or a conference for hundreds of executives, our Speakers Bureau provides access to high caliber, experienced faculty who have “been there, done that.”

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