Pharmaceutical Sector

“The healthcare system is under a period of dynamic change where issues of affordability, cost, and value are rising to the forefront… The solution in many respects is innovative biopharmaceuticals. But too often we’re seen as the problem, and so we have to change the conversation… to get that done we have to become an integrated, collaborative partner in this health ecosystem”


Josh Ofman, MD
former SVP of Global Value, Access, and Policy at Amgen

“In finding collaborative solutions with diverse companies, we must embrace that while our respective companies may differ on some issues, we clearly share common ground on other issues…”

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Tanisha Carino, PhD
former VP of US public Policy at GlaxoSmithKline
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    We Understand Your Pharmaceutical Leadership Challenges

    New expectations for scientific productivity coupled with challenging payer and patient demands requires leadership skill and acumen at all levels within the pharmaceutical sector. Leaders are being called upon to demonstrate innovation, collaboration, engagement of key stakeholders and colleagues, and strong business insight to continually assess risk and reward. We work with our pharmaceutical clients on solutions to enhance the performance of executives and medical/scientific leaders in this dynamic changing environment, and help organizations bring out the best in their people. Chat with us today to learn more about our pharmaceutical leadership development programs.

    Developing Leadership and Teams in the Pharmaceutical Sector


    Coaching for Pharmaceutical Leaders

    Customized assessment and coaching programs are designed to have a significant impact on leadership performance, executive selection, onboarding, and succession management. At TLD Group we use reliable, objective methodologies that are highly predictive of future performance, including a variety of proven psychometric tests and tools that have been well validated for the purpose of assessment.

    Consulting for Pharmaceutical Leaders

    TLD Group’s Consulting Solutions include strategic succession management, team acceleration, and talent development consulting. Working with our highly experienced cadre of organizational development consultants with deep expertise in the design and deployment of innovative solutions, our clients are able to identify future leaders, reliably evaluate skills and competencies, swiftly develop requisite leadership skills, and establish priorities for individual, team, and organizational development.

    Leadership Academies for Pharmaceutical Leaders

    TLD Group has developed a unique approach to group leadership programs based upon our multi-faceted development philosophy which incorporates interactive classroom training, individual assessment and coaching, and on-the-job action learning projects. Our large scale leadership programs are designed for specific leadership cohorts (such as emerging leaders, leaders of leaders, dyad leaders, physician leaders, board members, etc.).

    Speakers Bureau for Pharmaceutical Leaders

    The Leadership Development Group’s Speakers Bureau is comprised of our esteemed faculty of academicians, leading physician and healthcare executives, and motivational speakers who custom design and expertly deliver leading insights and cutting edge learning sessions. Our faculty contributes thought-provoking content, encourages participation, and helps to build consensus. Whether you are planning a keynote address, a one-day seminar, a multi-day board retreat, or a conference for hundreds of executives, our Speakers Bureau provides access to high caliber, experienced faculty who have “been there, done that.”

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