Virtual Coaching

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Virtual Leadership Development Solutions.

Implemented Anytime, Anywhere.


Expert Coaching Support, Anytime, Anywhere.

In this time of unmatched pressure and public scrutiny, high-quality leadership is more important than ever.   Our global cadre of executive coaches includes former C-suite leaders, tenured health ecosystem executive and clinical leaders, and expert consultants who have experience guiding leaders through complex transitions, transformations and challenges. 

Whether you are searching for a traditional executive coaching engagement or on-demand support for an acute leadership challenge, our highly experienced coaches create meaningful coaching experiences that engage and inspire.

Accelerate Team Agility and Performance.

Whether you're looking to support and sustain you team as they adjust to new conditions and environments or are looking to accelerate innovation and performance, our virtual team development solutions can help you reach the outcomes you desire. Our expert faculty has extensive experience working with teams to enhance business results, engage trust, open communication, and align on shared vision in a virtual environment. 

Our collaborative partnership approach results in a highly customized virtual team development process that will engage your team to reach its full potential.

Engaging Content with Actionable Results.

TLD Group’s virtual leadership academies are cohort based multi-session learning programs designed for the virtual world without losing the benefits of group learning, interaction, networking, simulations, and 1:1 coaching. Graduates are leaders who inspire trust and engagement, define a clear and compelling purpose, and unleash the talents and energy of their teams.

TLD Group offers custom designed leadership academies to help organizations develop key competencies and skills to support strategic imperatives. Alternatively, we offer open-enrollment academies to develop participants' critical collaborative leadership skills as well as grow their networks across the various sectors of  the health industry.

Expert Insights Just in Time.

For more targeted leadership development, we offer custom webinars and micro learning events. Our expert TLD Group faculty partner with you to design and deliver webinars and learning content on an array of timely leadership topics such as enhancing work from home, building resilient teams, and charting new strategies through disruption.

Whatever your need is, TLD Group will help you to identify the right subject matter expert and delivery method to ensure your team gains actionable insights for the future. For a sample of TLD Group micro-learnings please visit our videos page.