Enhancing Leadership and Organizational Performance Across The Health Ecosystem

The Leadership Development Group (TLD Group) is a global talent development consulting firm for leaders, teams, and organizations across the health ecosystem -- including providers, payers, and pharmaceutical companies.

Our solutions include executive, physician, clinical, and R&D leadership assessment and coaching, organizational development consulting, and group leadership academies, designed to engage and empower leaders to take on the myriad challenges facing the industry and position their organizations for success.

Our worldwide faculty of over 200 organizational development practitioners, academicians, coaches, and consultants with deep expertise across the health industry, enables us to offer targeted insights and deliver highly impactful results.

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The ACA Without the Individual Mandate: Medicare & Medicaid in 2018

Just before Christmas, the Republicans were able to pass major tax legislation that included the repeal of the individual mandate of the ACA starting in 2019. How can health care organizations plan for 2018 when the individual mandate is still the law of the land? How will the repeal of the individual mandate in 2019 affect the delivery of care? Does the surprisingly strong ACA enrollment for 2018 mean the law is not doomed to failure? What are the chances that major changes to the ACA, Medicare and Medicaid will occur in 2018 before the midterm elections? We continue our webinar series on health reform under the Trump administration when TLD Group Advisor and Senior Consultant Dr. Kent Bottles will address all of these questions and outline a sensible strategy for health care organizations to navigate these tricky and chaotic times. Click here to register for the webinar.

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