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2022 American Hospital Association Leadership Summit

Radically Collaborative Leadership: What it Takes to Drive Innovation, Tackle Health Equity and Promote Wellness

Presented By:

  • Stephen Klasko, MD, Former President and Chief Executive Officer, Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health, Philadelphia
  • Craig Samitt, MD, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, ITO Advisors
  • Chinni Pulluru, MD, Vice President, Clinical Operations Walmart Health Omnichannel Care
  • Phoebe L. Yang, General Manager, Amazon Web Services
  • Tracy Duberman, PhD - Founder & President, The Leadership Development Group

To be successful in today's disruptive and rapidly changing health ecosystem, leaders need the capacity to quickly pivot, evaluate tense situations, and execute on change strategies. To drive success, advance strategy, forge meaningful collaborations, and improve health outcomes, leadership requires a radical shift. Our session will open with a panel conversation to explore the major forces driving radical change in the health ecosystem – the mandate for health equity, the flood of private equity into healthcare, and the influx of AI and digital transformation. We will share the philosophy of Radical Collaboration, Radical Creativity, and Radical Communication and the vision for ‘the coalition of the willing’ with an esteemed panel of heath ecosystem leaders. Following the panel discussion, we will engage the participants to collaboratively generate a success profile for the radical new health ecosystem leader, sent out to all attendees post-session, as well as strategies for embedding success profiles into a variety of functions to advance, develop, retain, and attract top talent.

Date: Sunday July 17th, 2022

When: 2:30pm - 4:45pm

Where: San Diego, CA

More on the event here.

Health Ecosystem Leadership Institute 

12-week online course (April 6 - June 22, 2022)

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The pandemic has taken a toll on the world and left no industry or business untouched. Is your organization still feeling the ramifications? Today, the healthcare industry requires leaders who can create systemic change by engaging and inspiring others across sectors to enhance health and wellness.

That’s why we created the Health Ecosystem Leadership Institute — designed to build the leadership capabilities necessary to drive this transformation and the collaborations and partnerships it requires. We are thrilled to offer a 12-week online course (April 6 - June 22, 2022) on Leading Partnerships Across the Health Ecosystem to Drive Value and Transform Health.

Attendees will learn from successful health ecosystem leaders and faculty on key learning objectives such as how to:

  • Examine the growing need for partnerships and collaborations to improve community health outcomes.
  • Explore the Health Ecosystem Leadership Model© (HELM™) and learn practical techniques for leading despite uncertainty.
  • Identify and pursue opportunities to utilize the HELM™ model to improve community health outcomes.
  • Create and execute a plan to continuously enhance your development of the HELM™ capabilities.

Join the Health Ecosystem Leadership Institute

The Future of Work Learning Series – Available on Demand

The global pandemic has changed the very nature of work. We have been forced to accelerate our adoption of new technologies and escalate new types of work and working relationships. As a result, we are facing myriad challenges including how to engage and empower leaders and teams in new and different ways.FoW team We strongly believe leaders have an unprecedented window of opportunity to shape what ultimately becomes the Future of Work.

We invite you to join TLD Group’s expert faculty for our five-part learning series focused on the leadership capabilities needed to encompass the changes in work, the workforce, and the workplace. As a result of attending the series, participants will learn key strategies and have access to custom-designed application tools to assist them in Creating Meaning, Focusing on Results, Developing Diverse Talent, and Supporting Collaboration for their teams and organizations.

Registrants have access to the recorded sessions as well as post-session tools and support. This five-part series is available On-Demand.  


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