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We are excited to be presenting at, sponsoring, and/or attending the following industry events:


Key Learnings from COVID-19: Time to Get Strategic About Resilience

Wednesday, May 27, 2020
2:00-3:30 pm

While many of our pandemic responses have focused appropriately on meeting real-time needs of internal and external stakeholders, COVID-19 has raised foundational questions about our forward ability to create both stability and responsiveness over the long term. Both as a "coronavirus organizational strategy" and as a future imperative, resilience at the organizational level has become requisite. In our upcoming webinar, TLD Group faculty presenter, Dr. Larry McEvoy, emergency physician, founder of Epidemic Leadership, and past health system CEO, takes a look at the virus as both warning and teacher. The webinar will forward a practical framework for resilience as a strategic asset, not merely a personal or professional one. The webinar will review the key mindset, leadership, and design shifts leaders and organizations can make to create organizational capacity for both stability and responsiveness during times of unpredictability and disruption. To register, please click here.

TLD Group's 'Helpers of the Healers' Panel Discussion

Thursday, May 28, 2020
11am EST

As a health industry HR/OD leader, you serve a unique role within your organization as a ‘helper of the healers.’  We imagine your internal clients are leaning heavily on you to help them keep their teams afloat, re-vamp their workflows, and acclimate to the wave of demands and uncertainty that surrounds them.   We’re sure that in the midst of taking care of others, there’s been less of a focus on taking care of yourself.  To this end, we, at TLD Group, want to be a support and resource for you. Come join the conversation with our panel of expert coaches and consultants to hear tips on resilience, adaption, leading in times of crisis, and what employees need from HR and leadership now.  Any topic is game, so come with your questions…we’ll be here with answers! To register, please click here.