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We are pleased to share our monthly IMPACT! newsletter - sharing our latest research and industry trends impacting leadership across the health ecosystem. We aim to help you develop leadership skills from discovering these curated insights, so you can make an immediate impact in your organization.

For more information on how we partner with our clients to develop leaders to execute strategy, visit our Solutions page. Please send any comments and feedback to


Our values create IMPACT!

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We utilize our creativity and imagination to drive our solutions to meet — and anticipate — our industry’s most pressing needs.

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We bring focused attention to all our client engagements. Whether we’re assessing, planning, facilitating, delivering, and/or sustaining, we listen deliberately and intently to what is happening in the moment.

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We love what we do. We approach our work with unbridled spirit and uncompromising determination to achieve impactful results.

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We know that one size does not fit all and that external factors can throw a wrench in any well-devised plan. We flexibly adjust and realign when needed.

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We are perpetual and insatiable learners. We constantly challenge ourselves and our clients to understand more, stretch more, and develop more.

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We partner closely with our clients to co-create, customize, and deliver high-quality solutions. We bring deep industry expertise and leadership development “know how”; our clients bring deep organizational knowledge.







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