The Future of Work

Welcome to our five-part learning series focused on the leadership capabilities needed to encompass the changes in work, the workforce, and the workplace. This series covers key strategies designed to assist you in Creating Meaning, Focusing on Results, Developing Diverse Talent, and Supporting Collaboration for your teams and organizations.

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Robert Simpson

Ep. 1
Creating Meaning
Presented by:
Robert Simpson, Jr.,
Co-founder and President,
The Difference Leadership Group

Robert Simpson, Jr., Co-founder and President, The Difference Leadership Group, works to strengthen the critical role that leaders play in supporting organizational resilience and transformation. As a leadership consultant and former health system CEO, he understands the challenges and benefits of leadership transformation. He is extremely effective in assisting new and seasoned leaders to accelerate their onboarding experience, setting early expectations for developing a leadership presence through effective communication and targeted skill acquisition.

Overview: The magic of this pandemic moment is that operating models have been unfrozen, perhaps more than in any time in a generation. The future of work must, therefore, reach beyond cost and efficiency to reconceptualize the transactional and transformational leadership skills required to reinforce the critical importance of purpose, value and meaning for employees.

Learning Objectives: As a result of attending this session, participants will learn how to:

  • Re-focus their prior understanding of the importance of leaders balancing the transactional leadership skills of focus and drive with the transformational leadership skills of listening and mentoring.
  • Understand how essential the effective management of grief and loss experienced by employees in this pandemic is to the continued creation of essential purpose and meaning.
  • Reimagine former and future cultural norms of the workplace in order to create the feeling of connection and spontaneity in an organization where the work is accomplished both virtually and in person.
  • Have a clear, well-specified purpose that states both how and why the company makes a positive impact on employees, the environment, and the community.
Post Session Tools and Support: Participants will leave with a step-by-step decision tree of the leadership skills required to re-focus and prepare the organization to move through changes that might otherwise de-stabilize both employees and the success of the organization. This decision tree will support leaders in re-casting organizational culture to sustain morale, innovation, and create purpose and meaning.

David Drew

Ep. 2
Focus on Results
Presented by:
David Drew, CEO,
Objectivity Consulting

David Drew, CEO, Objectivity Consulting, is a strategy, marketing, people, and execution consultant who delivers breakthrough performance improvement for organizations, teams, and individuals. He is an expert in complex issue prioritization, problem solving, and decision making. He also specializes in risk management, strategic planning and execution, performance leadership and executive presence/communication skills.

Overview: The future of work needs to embrace virtual technologies, alternative talent sources, and collaborative workplaces to empower individuals, delegate effectively, and focus on the right results. Leaders need to embrace an ownership culture that supports flexible thinking and prioritizes value of work over volume of activity.

Learning Objectives: As a result of attending this session, participants will learn:

  • A proven set of ‘cause and effect’ –based techniques for maximizing successful project delivery
  • Questioning skills for coaching others towards successful delivery – and preparing to answer tough questions from leadership
  • Practical advice on doing the above in the challenging, virtual, post-COVID-19 environment
Post Session Tools and Support: Participants will leave with increased confidence in their ability to navigate ambiguity, to coach others for success and to ‘cut through the noise’ – and will be able to obtain real-world application support by signing up for a 1:1 ‘meet the coach’ session.

Potential Problems Analysis Worksheet

Potential Problems Analysis Example

David Drew is also offering complimentary 1:1  assistance to Future of Work attendees who are looking to utilize these tools, or discuss presentation content. To take advantage of this offer please email us at

Binwa Sethi

Ep. 3
Develop Diverse Talent
Presented by:
Binwa Sethi, Principal,
Threefold Leadership

Binwa Sethi, MBA, MHRM has navigated a diverse global career in consultative business partnership, talent management, and executive coaching. Binwa is the Principal of Threefold Leadership, a leadership development practice. Her experience spans multiple industries with several global organizations: ADP, PepsiCo, Ingersoll-Rand, and Johnson & Johnson. Her scope encompassed C-suite, executives, and senior leaders across several Business Units.

Overview: The future of work requires leaders who foster diversity, inclusion, and belonging.  Given new ways of work, new types of work, and new work delivery models, focused attention needs to be applied to rebuild the ‘new normal’ in a way that incorporates the type of systemic changes required to thrive in the future.

Learning Objectives: As a result of attending this session, participants will understand:

  • How leaders can foster diversity, inclusion and belonging in the workplace with recent focus on the virtual environment.
  • How fostering belonging creates a more inclusive environment and results in enhanced business outcomes.
  • Why this approach evolves the culture to value everyone’s contribution, accelerates performance and engagement for all employees, and creates better-performing teams.

Post Session Tools and Support: Participants will leave with actionable paths for leaders to foster belonging and build inclusive cultures while advancing their organizations’ Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) priorities. These paths include strategies to enhance inclusion practices and talent management processes in order to create more inclusive workplace environments. Participants will learn, how organizations can build awareness by assessing and identifying specific inclusion challenges and opportunities, build alignment on the inclusion priorities, and build action plans that are deployed over time.

Robert Sachs

Ep. 4
Support Collaboration
Presented by:
Robert Sachs, PhD,
Former VP of National Learning, Kaiser Permanente

Robert Sachs, PhD, former Vice President of National Learning and Development at Kaiser Permanente (KP), has, over his 30-year career, designed and implemented systems and processes to ensure organizations have the right people, in the right roles motivated to produce superior results. During his 19 years at KP Bob was responsible for leadership development, succession management and overseeing learning and development activities across KP. He worked directly with senior executives on succession planning and the development of strong leadership pipelines for key roles.

Overview: The challenges that organizations face today require the input and expertise of people with disparate views and backgrounds to spark insight and innovation. This same diversity of ideas and perspectives also makes collaboration a challenging endeavor. Successful collaboration requires groups to develop relationships and trust, for members to demonstrate specific mindsets and skillsets, and for the establishment of clear team roles, processes, norms, and goals. These elements are more difficult to establish when work is performed remotely. Remote work can lead to meeting fatigue and missed opportunities to build relationships with others that are critical to the generation of ideas and to decision-making and learning.

Learning Objectives: As a result of attending this session, participants will understand:

  • The value and difficulty of collaboration and the elements of successful collaboration.
  • How to support successful collaborative efforts by optimizing in-person and remote meetings and by leveraging the increasingly available digital collaboration tools.

Post Session Tools and Support - Participants will leave with actionable paths to develop the mindset and behaviors to build the foundation for successful collaboration. The action items will include specific recommendations on ways to effectively demonstrate the actions and behaviors that support collaboration while meeting remotely and using digital tools and platforms.

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Ep. 5
Community Forum
Facilitated Q&A
with Series Speakers

Overview:  During the final session of the learning series, the panelists will meet with the participants in a facilitated Q&A where the learning are tied together. During this interactive session, participants will have the opportunity to meet with the panelists live, test ideas, and share their experiences.

Join Tracy Duberman, PhD, President and CEO of The Leadership Development Group, who will moderate an interactive conversation with Robert Simpson, David Drew, Binwa Sethi and Bob Sachs. These experts will provide answers and additional insight on the importance of engaging and empowering new ways of work, new types of work, and new work delivery models.